A company where a handshake can still seal a deal & our success is only as good as our word.

a History of Quality & Hard Work.

In September 2000, Rob Brewer sat at his kitchen table with $600.00 in his checking account, and after 40 years in the forest products industry, he took out his pen and wrote his first check for a load of lumber. It was low grade lumber, sawn at a small mill near his hometown. He sold that lumber, made a small profit, and turned that money back into that same checking account so he could buy another load of lumber. With that, a business was realized, and the orders started to pour in; orders placed on the integrity of one man’s reputation in the lumber business.

a History of Integrity & Customer Relationships.

Rob then teamed up with a long time associate, a man who had hung his own shingle out, and was selling quite a bit of hardwood in the wholesale marketplace.  Together, with their combined expertise and extensive product knowledge, they generated $5,000,000.00 in sales in one year. Their reputation for providing the largest selection of high quality, competitively priced wholesale lumber quickly spread, and New Leaf Lumber continued to thrive over the next decade. At 63 years old, Rob sold the business to his daughter Meghan in 2012, who had begun working for the company in 2002.

a Future of Sustainability & Family Values.

At New Leaf Lumber we’re proud to say the values instilled on that September morning, by a salt-of-the-earth man with just $600.00 in his checking account, remain firmly intact today. Based in Henniker, NH, our family-owned and operated wholesale lumber company remains committed to honest business practices, providing superior customer service, supporting sustainable harvesting methods, and delivering the absolute highest quality lumber. Thanks to Meghan, and her exceptionally knowledgeable teams, New Leaf Lumber continues to help cultivate a lumber industry future generations will be proud to inherit.